Sesimbra has a unique geographical setting, with an Atlantic coastline of more than 40 kilometers, stretching from Lagoa de Albufeira to Serra da Arrábida. On the west coast are the extensive sandy beaches of Meco and, to the south, the imposing cliffs of Cabo Espichel, and small sheltered coves, among which Ribeiro de Cavalo stands out, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

The town of Sesimbra overlooks the bay, with its old houses. To the west, the landscape is dominated by Porto de Abrigo, where the hustle and bustle and fishing traditions intersect with tourist activities such as diving, sailing or canoeing.

The bay is bordered by two fine sand beaches: California and Ouro. In the center of the beach, the Fortaleza de Santiago stands imposing and beautiful and, to the east, the cliffs of Serra do Risco, Arrábida, shape the landscape.